engaging together logoThis is our new home for sharing news, information and ideas about community engagement in Dudley borough.

After 3 years of delivering training and support in relation to our empowering approach to engaging communities, we’re having a bit of a review and a refresh. We want to take in to account all the changes which have been taking place this year. These include the launch of Dudley’s Health & Wellbeing Partnership, the establishment of Dudley Clinical Commissioning Group and the move in to Dudley Council by Public Health. These and other changes have taken place against a backdrop of increasingly difficult times for many organisations and groups as difficult decisions are being made about resources and staffing.

Support, ideas and inspiration

Despite the difficulties we face, some resources are in abundance. These include our ideas and creativity, and the enduring desire and willingness of officers and volunteers from all sorts of teams and organisations across Dudley borough to work together, learn together and support each other.

Community engagement remains high on the agenda for organisations and partnerships in Dudley borough. Through engaging together activities and support we aim to ensure that community engagement is empowering for all concerned – including those tasked with doing it, and the people they are involving. It feels as though the costs are high if we take short cuts or do any more tick box consulting. We hope this site and the training and networking events we offer will be a source of support, ideas and inspiration for you.


About Lorna Prescott

Using design to make magic through @colabdudley @aplaceto_ | Curator @dofestdudley | Dudley CVS officer | RSA Public Services & Communities Fellowship Cllr

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