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We know through our engaging together work over the last 5 years there is a great appetite in Dudley for learning about different methods of involving people. We thought you might find the Participation Compass useful to know about, as it’s packed with useful information about participation methods.

Participation Compass is a site for people who work with communities and people – people who are directly involved in planning, running or commissioning participation activities. The site was developed by Involve.

Participation Compass is packed with participation case studies and methods. You can search for content based on a number of criteria, including the purpose of your process and the amount of money you have available.

It also has a library containing guidelines, studies and useful websites.

The experts section on the site  includes a directory of organisations that practice public participation or are knowledgeable on the subject.

You can also access all this information on the move using the participation compass app, and learn more about how to use the site by watching this 8 minute video tutorial.

The Participation Compass  is not just a static website where you can learn from the experience of others. The site is designed to allow users to their own examples and resources. We’d love to know if you find it useful, and if you add anything to the site.


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Using design to make magic through @colabdudley @aplaceto_ | Curator @dofestdudley | Dudley CVS officer | RSA Public Services & Communities Fellowship Cllr

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