Transforming Participation in Health and Care

Last week NHS England published new guidance called Transforming Participation in Health and Care.

Screenshot of cover of guidance document

A news release from NHS England says that the guidance:

highlights a range of ways in which NHS commissioners can fulfil their statutory responsibilities and seize the opportunity to deliver personalised and responsive care to all. It includes a wide range of tools, resources and case studies that commissioners will find useful when developing their own responses.

Th guidance aims to support clinical commissioning groups in their legal duties to enable:

  • patients and carers to participate in planning, managing and making decisions about their care and treatment through the services they commission
  • the effective participation of the public in the commissioning process itself, so that services reflect the needs of local people.

NHS England say that this guidance is a starting point and they seek feedback and ideas for further resources.

I’ve only skimmed the guidance. It is full of familiar frameworks and ideas, which has prompted me to reflect on how we could develop practically useful, locally relevant support for commissioners in Dudley borough, through engaging together. I’d hope that we could develop something which would help a commissioner to take first steps or next steps towards empowering approaches to working with individuals and communities and feel confident and supported in doing that.


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