working in inclusive ways

Here are some great resources that we like and learn from.

Working in Inclusive Ways free online resource from community development specialists changes. It “explores the current context regarding equalities, contains useful information and references, and provides food for thought about how your own practice impacts on communities.”

The Equal Opportunities Handbook: How to deal with everyday issues of unfairness by Phil Clements and Tony Spinks. (This book is available to buy online. You may wish to consider where you choose to buy from as some booksellers don’t treat people fairly – here’s a handy guide to booksellers.)

Am I making myself clear? Mencap’s guidelines for accessible writing.

Dudley’s Learning Disability Partnership Board website and Total Communication – this page has links to good practice about making information accessible and making meetings easier to understand. See also the work that Dudley Voices for Choice do.

A Guide to Equality and Diversity in the Third Sector – though published in 2008 this guide is still packed with good thinking and useful resources and signposting.

The Equality Act 2010 and Human Rights 

This video, The Story of Human Rights, is a real favourite among participants in our Working in Inclusive Ways training.


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